Dear friends!

I am happy to welcome you at the site of our legal consulting company “Business Law Info”!

Legal consulting company “Business Law Info” was founded in 2007.

For years of work, the Company has called together an excellent team of highly professional workers that had approved themselves in various projects of different spheres.

Our team is ready to exert any efforts to satisfy your highest demands in the area of legal support for the private business and government executive bodies, national and foreign social organizations.

Implementation of any business project is always associated with inevitable risks and hidden underflows. This is especially true for large projects, in which multi-million investments are made. Underestimation of these risks often leads not to reaching the goals set to the enterprise, but often to impossibility to implement the project as a whole and, consequently, to losses.

Legal support, possibility to establish effective interaction with competent public authorities, quality work on legal implementation of contractual obligations, consultations on risk minimization – all these are core ingredients of the future success. And our company is ready to become your reliable partner in these and many other directions of your activity.

Our company possesses an adequate potential to solve legal issues of any complexity and provide observance of the main principles of market relations between the business and the state, when government agencies work to create comfortable conditions for implementation of business projects instead of becoming obstacles on the way of their implementation. We are ready to provide observance of the interests of our partners in the most reliable way and, when necessary, to exert any efforts required to protect our client’s rights both administratively or in court.

A separate line of our activity is partnership and legal support of associated business. From year to year, business associations solve more and more complicated tasks on promotion of common business interests of whole economy branches and separate regions. And this work requires qualified legal support providing maximum effect with minimum costs. This is a key to success of business associations, acknowledgement of their achievements by the members of these organizations and maintenance of their financial stability.

We are open for partnership with private structures, as well as with public and municipal bodies. Our experience and knowledge can be useful in such directions as the issues of technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union (technical guidelines and SPS regulation), development of draft regulations, legal and other documents associated with regulation of entrepreneurship activity and issues of public administration system.

Our specialists are ready to provide consultations on the issues of contractual legal regulation of economic entities and the state within the Eurasian Economic Union as a whole.

Our experts possess experience in carrying out legal, anticorruption, gender, ecological, and other kinds of expert evaluation of laws and regulations. Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), as an integral part of laws and regulations, regulating entrepreneurship activity is necessary to regulate these legal relationships. Our company is ready to professionally participate in procedures of RIA preparation on the instructions of our clients and partners.

I would like to express confidence that our partner relations both with the existing and potential clients allow us to reach the highest goals and solve the most complex problems together.


Ayaz Djarkynbaev
General Manager of consulting legal company “Business Law Info”