Complete legal support of a company’s activity in general and on separate projects.

Legal support of procedures of obtaining loans in government-owned and international financial institutions and structures (issues of concessional lending and subsidization).

Drawing up of draft agreements, contacts, and other legal documents of any complexity.

Legal support of negotiation process both with business partners and government institutions.

Drawing up of draft incorporation documents associated with establishment, restructuring, and termination of the activity of legal entities of any form of incorporation (including registration with government authorities)

Representation of clients’ interests in local and international courts and boards of arbitration.

Representation of clients’ interests in public and municipal authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Drawing up of the whole package of documentation concerning draft laws and regulations in the area of regulation of entrepreneurship activity and state administration.

Participation in drawing up of the draft Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) to the drafts of laws and regulations.

Drawing up of expert evaluations (legal, anticorruption, gender, ecological, etc.

Drawing up of draft letters, statements, applications, and other legal documentation on commercial law.

Assistance to the state and municipal authorities on the issues of state administration, strategic and short-term planning and assessment of their activity.


Consultations and judicial assistance on legal issues by the following directions:

— investments, international investment projects, investment agreements;

— statutory regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union;

— private-public partnership;

— technical regulations, sanitary and phytosanitary measures and veterinarian regulation;

— corporate practice. M&A;

— customs procedures and duties;

— taxes and social deductions;

— copyright and intellectual property;

— mineral resources management;

— real estate, land, construction;

— power industry;

— licensing and getting authorizing documents;

— antimonopoly regulation;

— processing of investment visas, work permits;

— banks and finances;

— data protection and cybersecurity;

— labour law;

— pharmaceutics and public health;

— other issues of commercial law (on clients’ request).